Go forth and experiment!

Today we’re getting to know more about Sebastian Bergmann…no, not the main character from the Swedish police drama now being shown on BBC4 …but one of the speakers who will be down at Web & PHP Con 2013. With less than a month to go before the conference we thought it would be a good idea to get to know a little more about our speakers and what they will have in store for you during their sessions. So let’s get to it…
Sebastian Bergmann is a mastermind of PHP development and PHP quality assurance. He has instrumentally contributed to tranforming PHP into a reliable platform for large-scale, critical projects. Companies and PHP developers around the world benefit from the tools that he has written.
1. Describe what we can expect from your talk at Web & PHP Con in 140
I have a workshop,a keynote, and a session. I don’t know how to describe them all in 140

2. How did you first get involved in coding?

I wrote my first program on an Amiga 500 in AmigaBASIC when I was
twelve years old. AmigaBASIC quickly made way for Assember and C.
Most of my programming on the Amiga, however, was in ARexx. Soon after
I got my first X86-based PC in the late 90s a former contact from
within the Amiga Scene asked me to help with a dynamic website. He
gave me the choice between Perl and PHP both of which I had no
knowledge of. I briefly looked at Perl, discared it quickly, and
fell in love with PHP. The rest is history, I guess.

3.What advice would you give aspiring web developers?

Alan J. Perlis said “A language that doesn’t affect the way you think
about programming, is not worth knowing.” So go forth and experiment
with different programming languages and don’t be religious about them
(or frameworks). Look beyond the syntax and understand unique concepts.

4. If you could have 3 famous people round for dinner (living or dead)
 who would it be?

Alexander von Humboldt, Konrad Zuse, Alan Kay

5. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?
 Explain your reasoning.

When my busy schedule allows it, I play World of Warcraft and raid
with my guild. During most raid encounters you have to deal with one big
enemy and once in a while with many small enemies. Since I am playing
a healer my job is to prevent my team mates from dying. That means I
do not care all that much about whether they are fighting a horse-sized
duck or 100 duck-sized horses.

6. What are you most looking forward to at Web & PHP Con?

The hallway track! Every PHP conference is a gathering of the PHP
community. I love to catch up with friends old and new to exchange


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