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Unless you’ve had your head in the sand or sleeping under a rock you will have heard about Web & PHP Con coming to San Jose, CA this September 16-18 2013. We have so many great sessions, keynotes and workshops in store (check out the website for more info) but that’s not all! We have so many awesome speakers lined up too! So we thought we’d get to know them a bit better and find out what they have in store for us at the event by doing a short Q & A with them.

We’ve already had some great answers from our speakers that you can find in the older blog posts. But today it’s the turn of Wim Godden.

Wim Godden has been working with PHP since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as phpAdsNew/OpenX.
Next to PHP, he’s worked with a wide range of technologies (from database clusters to Internet backbone design) and focuses a lot of his time on high-scalability projects and on coaching/training PHP engineers.


1. Describe what we can expect from your talk at Web & PHP Con in 140 characters.

Caching & Tuning fun for high scalability :

How (NOT) to cache properly, why you should look beyond Apache or simply put :

How to survive a site going from 3 to 3 million visits/day
The why and the how of moving to 5.4/5.5 :

What features in 5.4/5.5 do you really need, why you can’t stay at 5.2/5.3… and how to migrate codebases safely to 5.5

2. How did you first get involved in coding?

I started with Acorn Basic back in 1986, typing programs I got from books (yes you had to copy the code from them, no casettes or floppy disks), then gradually changing them to do what I wanted them to do. Later I built a race result management system for the running club I was a member of, first in Acorn Basic, later in Visual Basic. Along the way I picked up about 10 other languages, before discovering PHP in 1997.

3.What advice would you give aspiring web developers?

Web development takes more than just writing PHP code. The impact your code has on the entire PHP ecosystem is huge. So stop for a moment, look at your code and think about what each line will do to your web server, database server, network, etc. – a wonderful world will open up to you 😉

4. Which individuals do you most admire in the tech world and why?

I have the most admiration for people who aren’t afraid to not only think outside the box, but actually go for their ideas. They’re the ones who actually make a difference.

5. If you could have 3 famous people round for dinner (living or dead) who would it be?

Archimedes, Plato and Aristotles… nothing beats the classics. And I think their insights on modern technology and way of life would be an eye-opener.

6.Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Explain your reasoning.

Considering that horses can’t fly, I’d prefer to fight the 100 duck-sized horses. There might be a 100 of them, but as last resort you can always climb in a tree, where the horse-sized duck would definitely get to you.
On the other hand, if I could tame the horses, they might make for a fun attraction with a sleigh behind it, whereas with a duck that would just look silly 😉

7. What are you most looking forward to at Web & PHP Con?

Meeting people, all with their unique ideas and technical insights, discussing technical problems (and solutions), having a laugh while writing code that you decide to rewrite 2 days later because you learned something that makes it so much easier/better (“what was I thinking writing it this way ?”).

Wim will be doing two sessions at Web & PHP Con:

The why and the how of moving to 5.4 / 5.5
Caching and Tuning fun for high scalability

Want to come and see him for free? It’s easy! Just register for your place. We look forward to seeing you there!


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