Sitting pretty on the podium

And sitting pretty on the podium at 1st place is Joshua Thijssen with his session on ‘(re)discovering the SPL’. It was a really close race but in the end you decided (with 33.3% of the vote) that it was Joshua’s session you most wanted to see at the event.

So what exactly does it have in store for us? Well here’s a small summary of it.

The Standard PHP Library (SPL) might be one of the most powerful, yet the most unused part of PHP, but you are one of those lucky developers who have discovered it! But now what? The lack of documentation about SPL makes it that a lot users don’t really harvest the power that SPL brings. During this presentation I will dive into the numerous iterators, data-structures and interfaces that SPL defines and when & how to implement them in your own projects, but we will talk about the edge-cases as well, as in SPL land things don’t always are what they seem…

If you want to come along this September 16-18th in San Jose, CA and see this session you can, and it won’t even cost you a single cent (or penny)! Just register for your place at the FREE Web & PHP Con on the website.


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