Round 4

Round 4 of the Web & PHP Con is now open!

This week we have Evan Coury, Mike Stowe, Joshua Thijssen and Matt Simonsen battling it out! Head over to the website to cast your vote!

So what would their sessions have in store for you if they won? Well here’s a little abstract of each of their sessions so you can judge for yourself which one you would most like to see at the event!

‘Introduction to Modules in Zend Framework 2’ by Evan Coury

One of the highly anticipated new features of the recently released Zend Framework 2 is the introduction of an all new and powerful approach to modules. This new module system has been designed with flexibility, simplicity, performance, and re-usability in mind.
Modules in ZF2 can contain just about anything: PHP code, including MVC functionality; library code; view scripts; and/or public assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. With compelling features such native, best-in-class Phar packaging support and event-driven design, the possibilities are truly endless. Join Evan Coury, the author of the new ZF2 module system, as he explains everything ZF2 modules have to offer.
‘Ruby for PHP Developers’ by Mike Stowe

Ruby is the new and “cool” programming language, and while old-hearted PHP developers like myself try to resist it, we are seeing more and more tools being built on Ruby (including Compass, Vagrant, Chef, and Puppet). In this session we’ll take a look at the basics of Ruby, and how we can utilize this new programming language to assist us in managing our PHP applications and servers.

‘(re)discovering the SPL’ by Joshua Thijssen

Best Practice & Insider Insights, Core PHP, Scaling & Performance – Joshua Thijssen
The Standard PHP Library (SPL) might be one of the most powerful, yet the most unused part of PHP, but you are one of those lucky developers who have discovered it! But now what? The lack of documentation about SPL makes it that a lot users don’t really harvest the power that SPL brings. During this presentation I will dive into the numerous iterators, data-structures and interfaces that SPL defines and when & how to implement them in your own projects, but we will talk about the edge-cases as well, as in SPL land things don’t always are what they seem…

‘LAMP Security and/or real-world hacks’ by Matt Simonsen

As a hosting provider, SRI has seen a wide range of attacks. We have cleaned up many Joomla/WordPress/PHP vulnerabilities, hacks, and injections. We could review some real-world hacks, how they were fixed, and how to help prevent this from happening. I would likely present in partnership with one of our PHP developers, so that we would have perspective from a systems administrator and PHP developer. We could also cover solutions ranging from new Cloud-based offerings, platforms like mod_security, and app-based products like jSecure for Joomla.


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