And the winner is…

A big congratulations go out to David Stockton who won Round 3 of the public voting for the Web & PHP Conf. We’d like to offer him a warm Web & PHP welcome to the program!

You voted David’s session ‘Increase Code Quality with Code Reviews’ as the one you most wanted to see included into the program. And what a great choice it was!

Here’s what his session has in store for you:

One of the best ways to help improve the quality of your code and help your developers improve through learning from each other is to implement a formal code review process. Teams that do code review at all often do it in an adhoc manner. This can involve over-the-shoulder code review, emailing diffs, group reviews with a projector, etc.

There are several code review products that are designed to make a more structured and useful code review process a reality. Products like Review Board, Crucible, Fogbugz Kiln and others allow for a much more elegant, efficient and flexible code review process. The allow for feedback on code to be recorded and for reviews to be done when other developers won’t need to interrupt work on their own work.
Code review helps to ensure consistent coding standards, catch bugs before they become part of the codebase, and helps improve the skills of your entire team as they can learn from each other as part of the review process.

And remember! You can have access to this session and all the rest of the great content, sessions and speakers lined up at the conf for free! That’s right, not a single penny! Make sure to register your free place now!


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