Vote for Pedro!







Right you lot, it’s nearing that time when we hand the reins of the conference to you…yes, you!

For this year’s Web & PHP Conference in San Jose, Sep 16-18, we want YOU to get involved and have your say in the program. We’ve reserved six places in the schedule to be picked by the community which will be decided by an online vote.

Each week, we’ll be putting up a group of four abstracts and asking you to vote on your favorite.

Round 1: Brad Griffith v Dave Stokes v Jeremy Lindblom v Yann Larrivee


The first round will kick off tomorrow (Wed July 3rd) and will end on July 10 at 11pm PDT.

Tomorrow we will be directing you to the voting page where you will find a session abstract  from each of the speakers to vote on. More information about the public votes and the Web & PHP Conference can be found on our website and twitter feed.

Note: We reserve the right to disregard any duplicate or suspicious votes. Cheaters, you have been warned!


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