Passing the Web & PHP torch

Next month’s magazine is a crossover issue of sorts (not in the comic-book sense, although it does involve an awesome team-up), as it’s been co-edited by both outgoing editor Anna Kent and myself, incoming editor Elliot Bentley.

We’ve been working together as part of S&S Media’s editorial team since June (I’ve been mostly on our Java news site JAXenter, and helping put together JAX Magazine). While I’ll be sad to see Anna go, I’m also honoured to be taking over Web & PHP Magazine, which she has done a fantastic job editing since June last year. Make sure to pick up the next issue for her full goodbye message!

The news hopefully shouldn’t come as a shock if you received last month’s newsletter – and the handover has been in the works even further back. We’ve been working to make sure that Web & PHP Magazine remains at the same high quality its readers have come to expect. Plus, I have a few new ideas I’ll be putting into action over the coming months.

Just in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, I’d like to briefly note that Anna’s decision is entirely unrelated to February’s events.

As well as editing Web & PHP Magazine, I’m also going to be heavily involved in our upcoming conference – so it’s exciting times ahead for us and, I hope, our readers too. I can’t wait to get started!


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